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Absolute pitch

How can children enjoy solfege and get used to identifying pitch and the representation of musical notes in a fun way ?

LAMI is intended to widen children's imagination and to give them the pleasure of enjoying the musical world. We invite children to enter an imaginary world, discovering the musical world in a stimulating way.

Abstract musical symbols become fictional characters which accompany children throughout their musical intiation. Musical notes become characters with different personalities, colours and shapes, living in their music sheet.

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Set of new interactive educational tools

Children's films, musical animated series

LAMI is an animated series for children about the friendship of musical notes. They find out that singing together becomes melody. Each character can sing only his name ( LA can sing only LA). It allows children to become familiar with the pitch of the sounds.
Multi-award-winning, including "Best film for children", LAMI was selected for more than 100 international children and kids film festivals.

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YouTube, music channel for kids

The channel is dedicated to musical awakening. The characteristic is that all the song lyrics of music are made from the names of the musical notes.

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Musical app, children's ear training

With LAMI app, children have the tool to train their musical hearing.
Find the perfect pitch for the musical.
Create you own melody with instruments and animal sounds.

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Workshops are entirely dedicated to musical awakening. Designed for a group of 10-30, workshops are intended for children between 3 and 7 years. Children enjoyed the musical world and started to differentiate sounds.

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