Children film

Multi-award-winning short film

LAMI is an animated series for children.
Multi-award-winning, including "Best film for children", LAMI was selected for more than 100 international children and kids film festivals.
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Created by Christophe et Olivier Defaye.
Production : AOKIstudio
Genre : Musical, Family, Children's film.
Audience : Family, Kids from 3 years old.

Children Film, synopsis

La is a shy little blue boy. He is always singing alone on his a music sheet. One day he meets a little girl, Mi, crying, and discovers friendship. He finds out that singing together becomes melody.
More friends join in each story, so that the melody expands...
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Children Musical Film, concept

Each musical note is a character with a different personality, color and shape children get used to identifying musical notes in a fun way. Designed for very young children, the graphic of the series is deliberately very minimalist.
Each character can sing only his name ( LA can sing only LA). It allows children to become famil so thatiar with the pitch of the sounds.

Investors & Partnerships & Broadcasting

Intended for professional investors.

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