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LAMI LINE Stickers

Have fun tagging and enjoy the LAMI stickers !
Purchase Line Stickers on LINE Web STORE !
Created by Howard Kingston for AOKIstudio.
bell for children

Bells for Children

Set of 7 hand bells !
The set covers the C-D-E-F-G-A-B range.
Each of the 7 metal bells has the same color than LAMI's characters. It allows children to become familiar with the musical notes in a funny way. Kids start to differentiate the pitch of each sound.
bell for children  
children music sheet

Sheet music for children

Free printable sheet music for kids.
Original and traditional famous songs.
Children can enjoy the bells with sheet music using the color of LAMI !
children music sheet

Musical notes stamps for Children

Set of 7 stamps of LAMI characters !
children music sheet

Music learning book for Children

Each music learning book contains a musical concept, highlighted in the animated series and is divided into different parts :
- Understanding episodes of the series.
- Drawings and positioning notes on the score.
- Recognition of notes in a melody.
children music sheet

Wool kit for Children

With this kit, it's time for parents to have fun !
children music sheet

Rattle for Children

This cute rattle for very young children covers the C-D-E-F-G-A-B range. Kids to differentiate sound and can use this rattle like a real instrument.
children music sheet

Puzzle for Children

This educational puzzle has 14 pieces of wood handing paint.
Finding colors and assembling the notes.
children music sheet

Clothing & Accessories for children

Japanese stylist Rio Suwa has created clothing and accessories collection for kids using the characters of LAMI.
Hats and bags for kids. Bibs, pants, dresses...
children music sheet  
children music sheet